Youth Beef Team

Youth Development

Young people are the key to preserving Iowa’s beef industry and Iowa’s rural strength. The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation is committed to supporting activities that create learning opportunities for young people interested in the beef industry.

Youth Beef Team trains and educates young beef industry advocates to positively promote Iowa’s Beef industry. Prizes and scholarships are awarded to outstanding Youth Beef Team members.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation financially supports the Iowa FFA Association's Beef Cattle Proficiency Awards, the Iowa Foundation Heifer Program, Iowa Foundation for Agricultural Advancement Scholarship Program, the ISU Collegiate Meats Judging Team, and the ISU Livestock Judging Camps. 

Each year, the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation partners with the Iowa Cattlemen's Association to hire an intern. This opportunity provides a wide array of hands-on experience for a young person interested in working for the beef industry. 

ICF provides funding for one member of the Iowa Cattlemen's Association to attend NCBA's Young Cattlemen's Conference each year. NCBA’s YCC program is an opportunity for young leaders to gain an understanding of the beef industry from pasture to plate. The YCC program also serves as a showcase for NCBA’s involvement in policy-making, issues management, research, education, and marketing.

The Iowa Cattlemen's Leadership Program (ICLP) is partially funded by ICF. ICLP's goal is to train future leaders of Iowa's cattle industry. The program is an initial opportunity to be more active in the Iowa Cattlemen's Association, and perhaps fulfilling a future leadership role in ICA. ICLP participants are educated on the structure and function of the Iowa Cattlemen's Association. Participants undergo training and educational seminars to enhance their communication skills, strengthen their awareness of the legislative process, and diversify their knowledge of the Iowa and U.S. beef cattle industries.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation encourages and supports the development of our young people — the future leaders of Iowa’s beef industry.

"The experience I gained during my summer internship was invaluable." 

- Teresa Perry, Ottumwa