The Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation

About Us

The Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation was established in 1994 as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 for two purposes:

  1. Provide financial support and educational opportunities for young Iowans in the cattle business.
  2. Enhance the public perception of the cattle industry.

For nearly 25 years, Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation helped create a vision of the future of Iowa’s beef industry through education and youth.

5 Year Impacts

400+ Youth Trained

1 MIL Consumers Reached

$115K Awarded in Scholarships (over 25 years)

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Tours and seminars expand young leaders' knowledge of all aspects of the cattle industry.


Educational programs for both youth and adults provide training and materials to help them be successful as they talk to people one-on-one or through groups or social activities in their agvocacy adventures.

Financial Assistance

Scholarship competitions provide financial assistance for young leaders planning to further their education in the beef industry.

"The scholarships and leadership opportunities have taken the burden of financing a college education and allowed me to put that time elsewhere around campus and abroad!" - Jake Hlas, Youth Beef Team Member and Scholarship Recipient