Honor medAllion

The Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation Honor Medallion recognizes influencers who have left a legacy, championed, and supported Iowa's cattle industry.


The Iowa beef cattle industry thrives thanks to those who have a dedicated passion for the industry, whether as a producer, supporter, or influencer. The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation recognizes that there are great champions within the industry who continue to make their mark. Now it’s our turn to recognize these legacies by offering a new program that will represent their remarkable contributions -- the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation Honor Medallions. 


These ‘one-of-a-kind’ patented, bronze medallions feature the Iowa Cattlemen Care logo and are exclusive to the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation. All medallions purchased come with a certificate and will be recorded and registered in a master directory. This directory will be available online and honorees will be recognized at the annual Iowa Cattlemen’s Association banquet. 


The Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation, a 501(c)3 affiliate of the Iowa Cattlemen's Association, provides financial support for opportunities to advance the Iowa cattle business and enhance the public perception of the cattle industry. They have successfully done so through a variety of programs, specifically with the development of educational activities, such as the Youth Beef Team, Beef Scholarship Extravaganza, and the support of the Iowa Cattlemen's Leadership Program. When you purchase an Honor Medallion, you not only receive the medallion in appreciation of your honoree, but you are financially contributing to the legacy of the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation. 

Honor by Ordering
If you or someone you know has been highly influential to the Iowa beef cattle industry, this is a perfect symbol of recognition to commemorate their efforts.

Each medallion is $1,000 and furthers the mission of providing educational and financial support to growing Iowa's beef cattle industry.

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A Versatile Honor

Medallions can be displayed in a variety of ways, from mounting on gravestones to adhering to award plaques. Whether you are remembering a life well-lived or celebrating excellence, the possibilities for the use of the medallions are as endless as the creativity of the giver.

Example Display Options:

  • Award plaque
  • Bench
  • Picture frame
  • Shadowbox
  • Landscape feature
  • Decorative box
  • And many more.

About the Medallions
A limited supply of medallions will be available for purchase.  The medallions are custom-made by a company in Orem, Utah, with more than 35 years of experience. They are known for the precious metal bullion mint, which they have grown into one of the largest mint operations in the United States. These medallions are guaranteed to be protected against discoloration in outdoor settings.


Our Distinguished Honorees

#1 - Gene Wiese, presented by the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation, 2024

#2 - Bill Northey, presented in memoriam by ICA, ICF, and IBIC, 2024

#3 - Glenn S. Rowe, 2024

#4 - Scott and Julie Niess, 2024

#5 - Scott and Tracy McGregor, 2024

#6 - Harry and Marlys Cline, presented by Mike and Linda Cline, 2024