Board of Directors

The Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation Board of Directors includes four Executive Committee members, 8 Directors of the most recent ICA past presidents and six At-Large members, plus the ICA Past President - Ex Officio.

If you are interested in learning more about the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation Board of Directors, please call 515-296-2266.

Executive Committee

Bill Couser


Nevada, IA

Dan Cook

Vice President

New Providence, IA

David Trowbridge


Tabor, IA

Mike Cline


Elgin, IA


Dave Petty

Eldora, IA

Kevin Carstensen

Odeboldt, IA

Kent Pruismann

Rock Valley, IA

Ross Havens

Wiota, IA

Richard Godfrey

Henderson, IA

Bob Noble

Riceville, IA


Tracy McGregor

Nashua, IA

Dr. John Lawrence

Ames, IA

Steve Rehder

Hawarden, IA

Mark Putney

Timber Creek, IA

Rob Medberry

ICA President, Ex-Officio

Henderson, IA

Craig Moss

ICA President-Elect

Hull, IA