Mission Statement

The mission of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation is to enhance the public perception of the Iowa Cattle Industry and to assist in providing educational and economic opportunities for Iowans in the cattle business.

Statewide Beef Bash returning to Iowa, May 29-31

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation is excited to offer a fun and educational weekend opportunity for youth grades 9 – 12 who are interested in beef. The Iowa Beef Bash will be held May 29-31 in Creston; registration is due May 15.

The Beef Bash will include tours to a feedlot, cow/calf operation, purebred Angus operation and a fitting and showmanship demonstration. There will also be sessions to help these youth become skilled beef advocates by providing training and information on the hot topics facing the cattle industry.

Youth encouraged to comment on Dietary Guidelines

Here is your chance to make a difference not just for our industry but for every student in the nation!

Every 5 years, our federal government reviews the Dietary Guidelines, which are the basis of My Plate (which you might know as the Food Pyramid). These guidelines tell us how many servings of each food group we should eat daily to maintain a healthy life. In the current process, the recommendation would exclude lean meat as part of a healthy diet. Not only is this bad news for beef producers, it’s also a problem for YOU and other consumers. The Dietary Guidelines are used by SCHOOLS and other institutions to develop meal plans. If the proposed Dietary Guidelines are adopted, it may mean that no meats (except seafood) will be in school lunches!

Sound good to you? If not, this is your opportunity to make a difference!


The cattle industry is one I have always believed in. I believe that if something takes care of you and your family, you have a responsibility to give back and promote that livelihood.

- Glenn Rowe, Beef Producer, Lorimor

Soil, water, sunlight and grass. . . the basics of Iowa’s beef industry. Our young people, our families and our farm-related organizations are the heart of Iowa’s rural strength.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation was created to build on these strengths by giving beef industry advocates an opportunity to meet, grow and remain involved and connected to the industry.

Founded in 1994, the 17-member board of directors set forth a mission to increase public understanding of the Iowa beef industry and assist in providing educational and job opportunities for Iowa’s young people in the beef cattle business. The group established several goals:

  • Increase youth educational programs.
  • Provide scholarship opportunities.
  • Expand beef industry internship programs.
  • Enhance the beef resource and historical library.
  • Increase educational offerings for producers, students and public groups.


The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation is a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status, defined as exempt by the IRS for payment of federal income taxes as a group organized for charitable, religious, scientific, literary or educational purposes.