Cattlemen Care License Plates

Cattlemen across the state can display pride in Iowa’s beef industry through the purchase of Cattlemen Care license plates. The plate features the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation logo — a beef producer holding a newborn calf. The logo illustrates the care and compassion beef producers have for their animals, the environment and their neighbors.

Cattlemen Care license plates are sold through the Iowa Department of Transportation. To purchase plates, take your current plates and registration to your county treasurer. The initial cost for a non-personalized license plate is $35 (personalized plates cost $60), plus your registration fee. Renewals are $10 annually. The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation directly benefits from the purchase and renewal of the Cattlemen Care plates.

Show your pride in Iowa’s beef industry by purchasing Cattlemen Care license plates. Contact the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation to learn how your initial plate purchase can be free.


For more information, call 515-296-2266.