Youth Beef Team

2019 Scholarship Competition Information


All applicants for the Youth Beef Team Scholarships must have received training as an Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation Youth Beef Team Member OR served as a County Beef Ambassador, Queen or Princess OR completed the Master of Beef Advocacy program. Applicants must graduate from high school in 2019. You must be present to win.



I.               Cover Sheet:

Applicants must state their name, age, address, phone number, high school graduation date, current school name, college choice, intended major, and expected college graduation date in a format of their choice. Also include a current photo AND a cell number, email and your parents’ names.

II.              Leadership and Extracurricular Activities (5 points):

Applicants should list extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities they’ve encountered within their school and community. High school activities can be listed as well as 4-H, FFA, Church, community activities, etc.

III.            Beef Team and Other Beef Promotion Experiences (10 points):

Applicants should list all beef industry promotional and public relations activities they’ve accomplished during their high school careers. Beef Team Members should attach copies of all Activity Report Forms they’ve submitted for points during their Beef Team participation if available. County Beef Queens, Princesses, and/or Ambassadors who are not Beef Team members should list all events where they’ve represented and/or served as a spokesperson for the industry. Those with a Master of Beef Advocacy certificate should provide their date of completion and their beef promotion activities.

IV.            Plans for the Future (5 points):

Applicants must state in 400 words or less their goals and plans for the future.  Applicants are encouraged to be specific in describing their long-term GOALS, as well as their PLANS for reaching those goals.

V.             Essay (10 points):

In 500 words or less, explain how you would respond to ONE of the following situations. **Please note which situation you are responding to:

  1. You are eating at the college food service and you overhear students at an adjoining table discussing how beef is unhealthy in the diet and explaining the reasons why they have chosen to omit beef from their diets.
  2. Your local newspaper runs a series of articles about food safety, targeting beef as being an unsafe food choice. The articles make several untrue statements about E.coli in beef, drawing conclusions that are detrimental to beef and misleading to the public.
  3. You are enrolled in a philosophy class.  One lecture deals with the issue of animal rights and the impact animals raised for meat purposes have on the environment.  The instructor continues to inform the 100 students in this class that eating meat is immoral and raising meat animals is harming the environment.  You can sense that the students around you are believing these misconceptions.
  4. You see a post on social media which encourages everyone to boycott beef because antibiotic use in cattle is increasing resistance to antibiotics used by people. The post has generated a lot of support from other social media users.

Criteria for Judging:

Judges will score the applicants based on their Scholarship Application. The Scholarship Application is worth 30 points. A maximum of ten applicants will be selected as finalists.  The application score will be part  of the total overall score.

The finalists will be judged on interview and presentation skills during a competition held in Ames, Iowa. Both the interview and presentation will be scored on: (a) professional demeanor; (b) ability to communicate; and (c) knowledge of the beef industry.  Interview questions will include questions pertaining to current industry issues.  The presentation should focus on a beef industry issue of the applicant’s choice. It should be a minimum of five and maximum of 8 minutes in length. 

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation will contact all applicants to schedule the date and time of their interview and presentation. The tentative date is set for Saturday, April 13, 2019. The interview and presentation will be worth 40 and 30 points respectively, and will be combined with the application score (30 points) for a total of 100 points possible.


Up to three $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to the top individuals who earn the most points in the Scholarship Contest. An additional $500 will be awarded to any $1000 scholarship winner who has completed the MBA course (Master of Beef Advocacy-online course) before the judging of the scholarship contest.

Scholarship money will be sent to the school of the winner’s choice after the successful completion of the winner’s first semester.

Expectations of Scholarship Winners:

Winners will become members of Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation Elite Beef Team.  As such, they will be called upon to speak and assist at various beef industry events during the year.  They will be expected to assist with ICF activities including Beef Bash and the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation Auction.  In addition, Elite Beef Team members may be asked to participate in Iowa State Fair, Summer Conference and May Beef Month promotions. 

All applications must be neatly typed and either postmarked or emailed by March 1 to:

Youth Beef Team Scholarship Contest
2055 Ironwood Court
Ames, Iowa 50014

or to 

For more information, call the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation at 515-296-2266 or email


Click here for the 2019 Scholarship Application